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Thread: Opinions wanted on NV 3500

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    I have another request for opinions bercause I can never make up my mind on what I want to do or stick to a plan. If I can get a NV 3500 for a decent price (and what is a decent price? assuming good condition) would it be a good transmission behind a LS1 that I have waiting to be pulled from my caprice and put in my M715. The transmission has a Chevy bell housing on it already, but my 230 is running well, when warmed up, and if I could fit it in place of my T98 I’d be happy with that set up till the 350 and my wallet is ready and the weather is warmer.



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    From what I have read this tranny isnt really rated for the M715 with any kind of power...try he link:
    Rating looks like 7200 gross vehicle weight rating, and 300 foot pounds of torque max...any decnet 350 should make more than th in torque and since the stock gvwr is well over 7200, heck empty is 5500 so you would have about 1200 or more less carrying capacity....if you ever modify and take out a spring or 2 to ease the ride then you would probably be able to call it a half ton or close.
    My opinion, to low a torque rating, not rated for the gvwr of the M715 family, the NV4500 would be the smallest of the NV's to be solid enough for this application.
    Chech here for more info if youd like:
    If you lok at what the nv3500 comes in stock, you'll get an idea of its strength.
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    Default test some other stuff first

    If you can get it to work with a chevy bell...GO FOR IT! They put it int dually and big dodges behind the cummins and rarely twist off a shaft. my vote! The tranny is long and weighs in over 300# if I recall. Get a good jack.
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    nv3500 is in jeeps
    nv4500 in trucks, although i believe the nv4500 is being discontinued and the nv5600 (6 speed) is replacing it.

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    Spicer: source? I think you're thinking of the 5600, the slick as hell 6spd. I've only seen the 3500 in the AA catalog as a good little truck tranny, like 1/2t or smaller. To wit: Medium Duty 4x4 trans , p.28.

    Here's some other bad info: 1st- 4:01, 2nd- 2.33, 3rd- 1.39, 4th- 1.00, 5th- .78, Rev.- 3.57 dry wt: 97lbs.
    Recommended as a replacement for the POS Peugot 5spd that came in a lot of Jeeps.

    The new 6spd looks good to me.
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    Default What is this RANGER III

    Yup, thinking of the 5600...I'm a dumbass.

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    My Cummins Dodge has a NV5600 . That is a huge transmission. It is physically larger than an automatic , case is cast iron, and my buddy that works at the dealership says they weigh in at 400 lbs. M1028
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    WHat are the ratios on the 5600?

    Barry, you gonna drive that dodge to the FE?
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    The NV5600 ratios are :
    1st - 5.63
    2nd - 3.38
    3rd - 2.04
    4th - 1.39
    5th - 1.00
    6th - 0.73
    Rev - 5.63

    If I come to the FE , the Dodge will be towing the trailer. M1028
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    Barry: you should put a truck on that trailer... hahahahh .

    Topical content: Does anyone know what is better about the 5600? just closer ratios or what?
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