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Thread: tire choices/sources

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    after reading through the info at and seeing what others are running, am nearing a tire decision....I like the Swamper TSL Q78-16--but it's kinda my second choice--they'd be almost $200 delivered.

    Was interested in the MVPA deal with michelin, for $300 each I'd go with the radial XL's in a 11-16--but according to mcinfantry's post, that deal is dead for the time being.

    So..... what's the best (or is there) source for USED 11-16 Michelin XL's? saw were spicergear got some from GA, but as I recall, was it a bad deal? GA is not that far away for me to go pick and choose if that would work.

    Anywhere else to find them?

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    Default tire choices/sources

    here you go
    30- New Michelin XZL 900x16 $300.00 ea
    10- Used Michelin XZL 900x16 (98%) $275.00 ea
    9- Used Michelin XL 1100x16 (95%) $325.00 ea
    4- New Michelin XL 1100x16 $350.00 ea
    4- New Michelin XML 325.85x16 $350.00 ea
    4- Used Michelin XML 325.85x16 (95%) $325.00 ea
    20- New Denman NDT 900x16 $125.00 ea
    40- New 900x16 Radial Tubes-TR177 $ 25.00 ea
    40- New 900x16 Flaps (center hole) $ 10.00 ea

    20- New Selectro Locking Hubs to fit Dodge Civilian Power Wagons, 1946 thru 1968, and M-37 $ 250.00 ea. pair

    Prices do not include S&H or California Sales Tax if California Resident.

    Steven Fowler
    707-484-0097 8-5 M-F PST
    Items will be shipped from Santa Rosa CA - 95439

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    Forget the weird Q78's and get normal sized tires LOL.. no real reason I can see to make life harder for yourself. Swampers look right on our trucks but SUCK on the street, at least, if you dont' like noise. The radials wear a little better but still not great.

    I'm curious why you'd pay $300 for Michelins, but balk at $200 delivered ( a great price,btw) for the Swampers? That's the bad thing about big tires, they aren't free......
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    Default Power Distribution Box SL 1 Questions

    i went michelin because they wear and BALANCE much better than swampers

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    no, tac, I'm not balking at the $200, it's just that amount compared to possibly being able to get the radials for just a hundred bucks more apiece....price difference is low enough that I'd get the XL radials (if the deal was still good), since the bias swampers would 2/3 the cost of a better (and radial) tire.

    Somebody showed up at FE99 with the Q78-16 tires, fergit who it was. A little bigger than 900-16's, and looked good on the truck, size-wise.

    Man invented the slowest form of transportation - the sailboat, Then decided to race them.

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    you didnt like the link? i know its 50 more, but.....

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    yes, I liked the link.

    I'll call him when I'm in the office tomorrow, see what shipping will run to NC.

    Man invented the slowest form of transportation - the sailboat, Then decided to race them.

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    I agree with Tacoma on this one. I had the Q78-16 Swampers on my truck, and although they fit and looked good, they were impossible to balance. If you only off-road your truck they'd be fine, but if you drive it on the road at all, look for something else. I finally ended up getting some 9.00-16 "STA Superlug" tires for my truck from a local tire dealer. I have not had these tires on the road yet, but they are actually designed to be used on the road, so will hopefully be friendlier than the Swampers. Good Luck.

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