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Thread: Tubing a radial tire?

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    Can this be done.I think it can.I just cant remember.
    It is a QR buckshot. If that helps.
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    Default Tubing a radial tire?

    Yes, it can. You should (read "must") use a radial-compatible tube, though. Some tubes are for bias-ply only, some are either/or, some may be radial-only. Be sure to get some that are rated for use with a radial tire. I don't know whether or not you should still use tire talc, though.

    Check with Gempler's for tubes and flaps. They have good ones for bias-ply tires, but it's a good place to check into a radial-type tube.
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    Thanks Bob.
    I knew that Brian did'nt know everything.
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    Redneck, if you're going to put a taller tire (11.00x16 XL, for example) on the stock wheels I have the ticket for you!! I went through a bunch of crap getting tubes and really found a slick setup. I purchased four, 11.00x20 Radial Lowboy Tubes from a local truck shop. They are nice and heavy and are sweet to mount. Put them in the tire, inflate them until they fill out the carcass, make sure they are still soft enough to be able to move the stem around, then lay it down over the stock wheel (can), put the stem out of the stemhole in the can, center the stem, whack on the lockring, then pump them up! They will very politely fill and expand inward until they meet the can. With using this tube you get a nice heavy radial tube and a lot less hassle with it NOT being all wedged against the rim and pinching as you're putting the assembly together. Oh, I filled in the rest of the stemhole area with black RTV so that dirt and grit wouldn't get to the tube.

    I didn't use flap. I haven't used flaps. I have new flaps but didn't like how thick they were near the stem so I didn't use them. My wheels were NOS and perfect so I didn't bother. Everyone says to use flaps so do what you want.
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    I really was vauge on this.
    I have homemade rims stock centers welded onto a chevy 15" rim.
    They work really well no wobble.I am running 36" buckshots that are dry rotted but the tires still have a lot of tread left.Just trying to booty fab something.
    Thanks for the replys.
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    Default GM A/C pump pulley

    hey redneck, i am curious how you wer able to cut/weld the old centers onto new 15 inch wheels, i have been wanting to do this but i didnt think i could do it without the use of a lathe in order to prevent wobble. also, if you have regular 15 inch wheels, why would you need tubes?


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    Brian I am doing this because of the above post,The tires are DRY rotted sorry I had to do that.
    It is not that hard to do cut the centers of the stock wheels with a torch
    Cut the wheels about 1/8 inch larger where the center will set in.
    Get in your kids sandbox with a level and level the center then set the wheel in and level it tac weld the wheel to center then start welding the front and back of the center.Be careful not to overheat the rim.
    Not a problem.
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