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Thread: Ford Bellhousing?

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    Let's say I wanted to eventually put a 351W into my truck. Is there any particular bellhousing I would want to look for to make this happen? E-bay sports a bunch but alot are car related. I'm thinking ahead on the Ford/Chevy debate and am looking for input on it.

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    What trann you use will make the determination...I think both Novak and Advance Adapters make kits for the motor mounts to put small block ford into the M715's...the stock tranny is also considered in their kits if I am not mistaken. Also the older fords came with a t-18 which is basically the same tranny as the stock t98, with a little different bolt pattern for the ford bellhousings and a little better oiling I have heard...basically this would be a "fit" for a 351W as you could find a whole ford setup engine flywheel, bellhousing, tranny ,all in one vehicle maybe if your lucky, and do it as a unit.
    If your going to use a different tranny, then it would be impossible to say what you need to do without knowing which one.
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    I'm thinking at this point of using the stock trans, and was thinking there wasn't much difference between the T-18 and the -98. I'll check Novak and Advance to see what their sites might offer.
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    I figured Perk would have jumped in by now. I believe he adapted a 460 to the stock tranny.

    Here's what I think I know...
    Ford used the T-98 up to about '64. Assuming the Ford bell would bolt to the Jeep tranny, you'd be stuck with a 215/223 six or a Y-block.
    As mentioned, Ford used the T-18 which has a very very similar case to the T-98. That's the tranny I'm using and all the critical dimensions match up except for the shifter location. Probably you could adapt a T-18 bell to the T-98 by drilling some holes in either the bell or trans. Perk may have had an adaptor made though. For better info, search the old site for PerkM715, I know the info is there.

    Here's the kicker, the Jeep trans pinion is very long and unless you have an adaptor/spacer between the bell and tranny, you'll probably need to swap the pinion with one that's shorter.

    All this is from my cracked memory so please research before going around quoting me.

    I'd recommend finding a T-18 that'll bolt right up to the engine and use that instead. I got mine in with a simple conversion trans mount and relocating the frame perches. The jackshaft only needed a conversion U-joint. For a V-8 though this way may put the engine too close to the firewall.


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    Thanks Chris- that's the kind of info I'm looking for. I'm thinking of the feasability of the swap at this point and you just gave me a bunch to check out. My six runs OK for now and will be in there for awhile yet. At the moment I'm waiting on some exhaust parts to arrive from VPW. Then I can get it back out on the road.
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    One thing: there's just about NO reason to do that, unless it's sentimental. A newer Ford engine w/a standard is way easier and cheaper to stick in there. Ford also had the NP435, a darn good tranny, and they fit the motor too. Since we've all got divorced cases it's easy to put a new drivetrain in.

    Way easier to use stuff that fits together rather than mate oddities like a freakshow LOL>.. Ford has a lot of decent trannies stock.
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    My sentiments exactly. I paid a lot for my T18 at 200 bucks but I was happy to get it and it was for sale at the perfect time. You'll save a LOT of frustration by installing an engine and trans combo that was offered OEM.


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    yes, I had a 1970 F350 a couple of years back that had a 360 and NP435 combo init that would have been perfect. Should have kept that truck, but the CA state fees made it not very practical just to have around for the hell of it. Sold it for $700, cause I needed the room.

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    I wonder why it is that the asterisks are appearing in my posts where words ought to be? Makes you think I had some expletives in there or something.

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    I was wondering the same thing. The asterisks seem to appear anytime the word c-h-e-c-k is used. Must be on someones "bad word" list. Maybe somebody will check it out?


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