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Thread: NP 200 In a Frod Cronco?

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    Hey guys, check this out... I posted soemthing on this board for a bud of mine....

    And he sent me here...

    See how under 1993, it says they put a NP 200 in the Bronco? And, it's got a 2.69 to one ratio for low?

    What gives? Is this a typo? If not, can we use that 2.69 low and planetary setup to get a lower gearing out of our 200's?

    And, if it's not a typo, then why is it so hard for manufacturers to manufacture low gearsets for the 200 and the 205?

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    I think it would be cost prohibitive to make low gears for the 200/205. You basically have 6 gears in the case, 3 for high and 3 for low. To change the diameter of one gear you'd have to change the diameter of another. But to change the diameter of that one, you'd have to change the third. To complicate matters, I believe the idler gear in the center is a cluster gear that has both gears on a common body so you'd be actually replacing 4 gears to get a lower ratio. To compound matters, you're limited by the inside dimensions of the housing.

    You can manipulate a planetary gearset rather easily within the size constraints set by the factory.


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    And what do you think about the 205 theory in the Cronco?

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    And now he's changed his 205 hypothesis... Ah well.

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    JB Conversions is in the process of making a low gear set for the NP205. I talked to John last week and he said that they are several months away from marketing them. I'm on the call back list for a set. M1028
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    Default Dual master cylinder proportioning valves/distribution block

    I actually just ordered a Super Short SYE from them for my YJ too...

    Any idea of the gear ratio it'll be available in??

    And, will you let us know when it's available?

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    Default ujoint id

    I think it is going to be a 3 to 1 kit, but I'm not sure. M1028
    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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    So that means you are gonna tell us when it's out then???

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    Barry: I heard about that about a year ago... still waiting eh? Is there a way to contact him to get on said list? I've been dying for that kit, it's just right. Doubler is too much out here-- you end up either sliding down hills or flopping over ass over teakettle. Any idea on price yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by M1028
    JB Conversions is in the process of making a low gear set for the NP205. I talked to John last week and he said that they are several months away from marketing them. I'm on the call back list for a set. M1028
    Well, in talking with JB Conversions about the Ultra short 231 SYE, I ended up emailing this guy back and forth....

    Quote Originally Posted by Email excerpt from myself to JB, and the response

    Quote Originally Posted by me(in email to John)

    >John... Since you are the "J" in "JB"... perhaps you'd be qualified to
    >answer me this one. (note sarcasm)

    >On a few of the boards I'm on, I've been hearing rumors about a lower
    >low range kit to be offered for the NP 205. A lot of us guys with the
    >bigger trucks have the NP 205, but want something in the 3.xx range for
    >the low range on the tcase.
    >However, I've been hearing rumors now for about a year. They'll
    >surface, dissapear, surface, dissapear, etc etc.

    >So, what's the deal man. Are you gonna be offering one? Do you have
    >info on it I can pass along? How bout estimated price point?
    >Basically, I'm looking for confirmation. For my own purposes, I have a
    >divorced 205 on the floor in my basement, and would like to put the low
    >range kit in it, if it'll be available, before I hoist the beast on up
    >into my M715. Also, I'd like to be able to confirm or deny one way or
    >the other, all these rumors. If nothing else, then just to put em to

    Quote Originally Posted by John White(the 'J' in 'JB Conversions')

    >I was hot on the project a while back and then got off of it to finish
    >the LoMax D300 4:1 gears. Now they are done and we have been selling
    >them for about a year (actually out of stock right now). We used most
    >of the profit to kick off the shorty SYE which is also now done.
    >Demand from customers caused the change in direction.

    >Now that all of this new stuff is behind me, I am starting back into the
    >205 project. The gear design itself is done. I used the same gear
    >designer we used for the LoMax gears. He is really good.
    >I know the rumors come and go but I really can't do anything about it or
    >speed up the project. There is still a chance all of our plans could
    >not work out but I am positive with the progress we have so far.
    >Someone else may beat me to the punch but I can't take a chance on
    >sending out an inferior gear product.
    >Realistically, we are still many months out but I feel good enough about
    >it to keep on working at it. My goal is to have something to bring to
    >MOAB to display at the vendor show (I HOPE!).

    So there it is. I am still BS'ing with him... but that's the gist of it on the 205 low range.

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