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Thread: rocker panel

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    how about i look into buying the right size pipe, and we cut a sliver out and that way we could have VERY thick and durable weld in rocker panels? any ideas why this wont work? i can do the math to figure out the radius we need......

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    one: have to cut more out, to protect the sides as well. Other than that I'm all for it. Looking at my FSJ Cherokee, looks like a well chopped , thick 2"i.d. pipe might work pretty good... Interested in what yer thinking here!
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    12 " diameter pipe will yield the approx radius to weld over/on, in lieu of factory panels and be much stronger. i need to find a cnc plasma cutter to cut it straight, and the 60" pipe/rocker panels between 5/16" and 3/8" thickness should cost around 30 ea not including shipping.
    anyone have any other input?
    i have to buy a 20 foot piece, which means i need a few people.

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    I'd be reluctant to just weld them in and expect the rest of the cab and mounts to support the weight if you waxed the rockers. If you could float the new HD rockers in position but mount them solidly to the frame, I think you'd be better off.


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    I'm in. I'll figure out my own way to mount em. Get me a radius that closely matches the stock setup, and I'm good to go. I've been thinking of this for a long time.

    So far as the stock stuff holding it up, what's it gonna be 50 lbs, each side, at the outside? I am pretty sure our cabs have held up that weight, and not balanced as well either. (So I'm a fat , what can I say?)

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    No, no, no, I'm not talking about the weight hanging on the cab. I'm talking about if you smash the HD rocker on a rock/tree/small car. Now the weight of the truck is on the rocker and if the rocker dosen't give, the next weakest piece in the equation will bust. My bet would be a cab mount lets go if you slam hard enough.

    I'm just thinking that the stress should be transferred directly to the frame rather than taking the roundabout way through the body.


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    ok, so mount them and add some tube from the frame to them like nerf bars, but have it come THROUGH the inside rocker to the outside. make sense?

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    Yeah it does man... dunno how worried I'll be bout it, but food for thought, for sure.

    One issue to address that way would be body mount flex/ lack of rocker support flex.

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    Lee, you won't need a plasma or cnc cutter to get a straight line. Use a piece of 1" angle and clamp it or tack weld it to the pipe. Use it as a guide and you'll get a nice straight edge. I do this all the time. I like your idea...THAT is a meaty fix. I put 3/16 diamond plate on mine and still dinged them in the rock garden. I gotta find those pics. Someone else, may have been Chad, had...I think...4" or 6" box welded in the rocker area. It didn't hold the factory contour, but was meaty and effective.
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    FYI: you WILL bust a cab mount if you hit it hard enough. I popped 2 body mounts off the first old Cherokee I had, slamming onto a rock in the desert. They aren't that burly, and all my new ones will be plated. And I'll have tubed rockers that are tied to the cage and frame. heheh.

    for most use, ie scraping protection and dingproofing, I like these.
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