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Thread: m 715 old conversion

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    Unhappy m 715 old conversion

    my m 715 was converted to a 402 bbc as far as i know 10 to 20 years ago i am now trying to replace the clutch its has froze and i can not get the bell housing away from the t 98 tranny has some kind of weird adapter looked at novak but did knot see one like this i can get pics!!!!! i ve worked on chevys but this military stuff has changed do any you pro's know what to do or know about old conversions i am stuck and want to drive this 715 please help

    thank you
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    Did you look at advanced adapters site???

    BBC bell is same as SBC

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    The bolts go from trans to adapter I think?

    You pulled those bolts and the shaft on the back to the t-case and it wont move? Shouldnt be anything else holding it up except rust and time keeping a tight fit tight...
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    there were 5 bolts to the chevy bell houseing would not seperate there have not yet tried the i think 4 bolts holding this moster adapter you think those are the ones? and it will come right off? will not seperate from adapter to bell housing
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    could not find the t 98 adapter on that site
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    Well, the bell and clutch are most likely GM as all the adapters I've seen use a GM bell. So you're problem is likely all Chevy related and not military parts related. That should make it easier for you to diagnose. There's a few possible reasons it won't seperate. One is the throw out bearing having worn through the input shaft bearing retainer that it rides on. This, because you say it's stuck maybe the problem. I had the clutch fork break off inside the bell once and it was a pain to get everything apart. I'd bet it's something along those lines. Using an engine hoist thru the tunnel cover really helped manuevering it around easier than a floor jack also.

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    thanks guys i got it soon to put the new clutch in and take the 715 for the hot lap it deserves thank you again i was almost going to sell it ha ha
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    hey one more thing do you guys know what to torqe specs for the 402 bbc clutch are
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    For size of the bolts and the grade not more than 100 to 110 Nm!

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    Smile it runs

    thanks all you fellow m 715 lovers for all your help. After 15 years of sitting after my dad died i finally spent the last 3 weeks and many new parts to put this supreme vehicle back on the road again and i love it had to take out the s/w temp gauge and replace with a habor freight led gauge that looks cool but other than that i am going to have to find some original military stock parts for it you know little bugs to work out but i still have 90% done so thats enough i got lights t/s brakes clutch a great running 402 bbc ready to rock hope you guys won't be mad but i am sure i will have more ? thanks again for all the help i will keep this 715 # 10214 on the road for many years to come
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