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Thread: Tilt Front

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    Brian , You asked for it , so here it is. M1028

    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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    you're not done with that thing yet? slacker. heheh. hey how did you put power brakes on it? what year is that master cylinder? Is there a kit for that? Are those UPS wheels? LOL..

    seriously though, that's inspirational. That ought to be interesting in the bog.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    Heh, that's cool...

    You cut the fenders with the cab line, to get it to work? How big of a gap is there closed? What do you use to fasten it down?

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    There is about a 1/4" gap where I cut it. I'm going to put a set of original hood latchs at the back of the hood, down onto the fender . M1028
    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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    Default 2004 FE...for non-attendees

    That is VERY cool. When you design a tilt bed, let me know. I've got ideas, but I think I should put it all back together first and at least drive it once.

    18 months and counting.

    Mine just keeps getting taken further apart.

    Maybe it\'s all the beer.

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    Barry, did you get those XL's from Dave? Next year...Velvet will be in mud. Oh wait...THIS year. Heh,heh.
    Big Blocks RULE!

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    NO, I got them from a local guy that deals in surplus tires. He has another set but they are about bald. Does anybody need any Gamma Goat tires ?? He has a trailer load of them . Does this mean that later this year there will be a picture of my truck and Velvet in the pit ??? M1028
    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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    Thats a pretty neat set up.And to think International was almost on to something with their hoods opening that way.What kind of big narly hinges did you use to tilt it? Does it have an asist or is it rather easy to open?

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    I modified a set of hood hinges off an R model Mack. The hood tilts pretty easy but I'm thinking of putting a set of gas assist rear hatch shocks on it. I just didn't get that far yet. Too many projects going on right now. M1028
    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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    If I am thinking right Gama Goat tires are the same as DUKW...So if they guy near you wants to sell his tires he needs to let all the DUKW owners know about them...Sells them cheep enough and I might even know a couple of guys who would by them.
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