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Thread: 350 rear main seal ?

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    Anyone know offhand about a 350's rear main seal installation?

    I installed one saturday and the instructions were destroyed before I had a chance to read them. It was a Fel-pro and said something about the thick side facing ________. I read it as it burned in the stove.

    I was just hopeing someone knew and I'd not have to buy another to find out.


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    For lack of a better term, there's a lip on the seal that should point to the front of the engine. Not sure what you mean about a thick side.

    I don't mean to be too bog a smartass, but are you STILL rebuilding that engine or is this a new one?
    Mine just keeps getting taken further apart.

    Maybe it\'s all the beer.

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    Gtopaz is right. I am posting the same answer a different way so you can look at it different ways and get the same result. Your seal is probably gray or black in color. One side is flat and smooth. The other side has an angled piece on it and a checker board or cross hatch pattern on it. The smooth side goes toward your transmission. If in doubt, try loosly fitting it on your bearing cap. It should only fit on one way, the correct way. Remember to 'clock' it some as we covered a few weeks ago. Have fun.
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