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Thread: Shocks

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    I need to get some shocks for my truck and was wondering a few things. It would be great to have something like Bilstiens, but I know they are way too expensive. What shock do you reccomend? I wont be modifying to truck too much, just larger tires, no lift. I know that I will be running duel shocks up front, but is it worth running duels on the back as well? I also want to run a stearing stabelizer. Should I run 1 or 2, and what kind. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    I'm running the Rancho 5000's that are listed in the parts file. They work fine but to be honest they have way too much travel for our stock suspension. However I've heard on more than one occasion that Rancho's don't have a very long life expectancy.

    I assume you have stock springs? My opinion is that dual shocks won't have any advantages over singles. Typically duals are for high speed driving anyhow to combat heat problems.

    Most parts stores have books that show compressed length, extended length, travel length and the end syles of all the shocks they offer if you need to find something exact.


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    Default 350 rear main seal ?

    Ben (And Chris)-

    I have Rancho's on my rig, and they are crapped out. I reckon they're abou 5 years old and probably 1000 miles. They leak more than any other spot on my truck and I always have 4 spots where they drip. I thought they'd be dry by now, but they persist.

    I agree that duals are a waste. I ran my rig with no shocks at all and couldn't tell a difference and by that logic it seems that 4 shocks up front really wouldn't make it any sweeter.
    As to a steering stabilizer- I don't use one, but the guys on here that do only use 1 (that I've heard of).

    Let us know prices and such.

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    I ran my rig with no shocks at all and couldn't tell a difference
    Brian, you touched on something , here. The term "shock absorber" is a bit of a misnomer. The job of a "shock absorber" is actually to damp the natural occillations of the suspension springs. The suspension is what absorbs the shocks of hitting bumps (all bow) or potholes. A more appropriate name for the things would be suspension dampers. And as such, actually have little work to do on an unladen M715. The springs are so friggin stiff, they just won't occilate to a degree that one would notice. Brian's anecdotal evidence bears this out. If the springs can't compress and rebound, the dampers really have nothing to do. Let's cae it, for hte vast majority of us, our useable suspensions are tire sidewall flex!

    My rear shocks appear to be the originals. Given the truck's history, I have no reason to doubt that. They're junk. Should I change them? Well, yes. But as a matter of maintenance, not that I would expect to notice any difference in ride or handling characteristics.

    Thus, I maintain that (a) don't be in much of a hurry to change your shocks,and (b) definitely save your money on the duAls. We just don't have the suspension travel and activity to justify them.

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    to further support the evidence: I took my stockers off, and they were shot. I hadn't noticed driving it, so no big deal. And, for a while I'll leave shocks off while I make mounts and whatnot. SHouldn't be a big deal.

    on stabilizers, one shock if any, is all you need.
    on damping (NOT dampening), Bump is correct. Modern shock tech is pretty much dialed in, just depends on what you want. But again, not much of an issue on our pigs. Start taking leaves out and maybe it will become one.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    AMEN on your thoughts an another one for the "NOT Dampening" note.

    If we were in the BS forum, I'd offer up as a simile (not a typo, look it up) the comparison between our leaf springs and another set of popular "boingers": Good firm ones need no external assistance, it's the floppy ones that do. Captain - come on over to the BS board, I may post something there. Maybe not.
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    I third Bump and Brian, they make so little difference that you just can't tell. Mine were shot, I replaced them, no difference, broke one wheeling,no difference, replaced it no difference. Two is a waste.

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    I replaced my trashed out shocks within the last year. They have helped out in two different situations that I could notice. The first is going over large bumps, such as rough railroad crossings at speed. The truck doesn't bounce as bad, especially in the rear. The second is when I am hauling very heavy loads the shocks seem to stabilize the truck somewhat. As far as smoothing out the ride, forget it.

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    Ok, so I guess I dont have to go with more than one shock, but should I spend the extra for a set of ranchos or should I just pick up a heavy truck shock from Napa? I do plan to do as much four wheeling as I can with the truck, but I will also be hauling some pretty heavy loads with it as well. The truck will not be modafied that much, just some 37 (38?) inch boggers. Would running a second steering stabelizer make much difference, or is it about like with the shocks?

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    Personaly I think you should pick up a good quality heavy truck shocks. I think Ranchos are more hype than action and a good all around quality truck shock will work fine on your truck. Remember its an army truck and therefore the parts for that truck came from the lowest bidder... I can't comment on the stabelizer as I've never ran with one.
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