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Thread: Got the 44's...need to make them fit!

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    Rolled them off the freight truck today, brand spankin new 44x16.5 swampers and they look real good but I have some questions about makin them fit.
    1. rear shackle flip (front and rear of spring) enough?
    2. spring over with the typical steering mods good enough?
    3. how much backspacing so the tires dont hit the springs? (I am going to spin the centers out of the factory rims and weld them into some later shells)
    4. any body got pics or links using the kaiser axles? I want the gearing from them.

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    I'm running the 42's with a somewhat modfied shackle flip and spring over. The end result of my set up is about 8-9 inches of lift. My 42's will still hit on a full stuff of the front. So you will need more lift then I have. I can't tell you what wheels will work because I had to replace the stock axles due to shaft failures. The axles will not hold up to abuse running the 44's. M1028
    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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    I got a "rockcrawler give it hell jeep" this is just mud and moron extractor toy truck. I have wanted a big nasty fat tired truck for a while and this is it. I dont see me abusing it too much but if I start breaking it regularly I'll throw the dodge 1ton 4.88 set I got in hiding, tee hee. SSHHHH

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    What engine / tranny combo are you going to run ??? M1028
    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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    Ok, so far, I had the stock wheel centers welded into the 16.5" rims. SOA in front, rear did the full shackle flip (shackle in back, and flip the mount for the front of the spring). And put a 3" body lift on front (minus the rubber originals, so about 2.25"). Also pulled the shortest leaf from all the springs.

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    Oh, to make it more clear, I didn't put a body lift on the bed at all.
    I would like to take the body lift off and just change the radius on the front fenders to match the larger tires.

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    Default question for 700r4/fuel inj. users or really smart guys

    Specs on truck. mild 350-600vac,performer intake, ramhorn manifolds, 2wd sm465
    w/np200, all the aluminum ebay had (to make it light)....

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