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Thread: Yo 1028...efi Question

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    Whose EFI are you running? I've been looking at a Holley 950 series TBI set up with a 650 throttle body. $1350.00 Hate to drop that kind of dime, but with mechanical winches...ya gotta run at any angle.
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    Hi Spicer, I'm using the old style ( analog ) Holley Pro-jection 900 . Everybody is going to the new style (digital ) and the prices are reasonable on the old style. The 900 is running $450 - $700 on Ebay. I like mine so much I just got another one for the NEW project. M1028
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    Are you running the O2 sensor and closed loop?
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    Yea I have all that . When I run with the complete exhaust system in place ,I run the closed loop system. When I run open headers, It seems to run better with the closed loop disabled. M1028
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    probably not interested but don't forget that 2di setup. I believe it also has a 650cfm deal, but is only about $750 from Summit. Very similar to stock bbc tbi from the looks. And of course cheaper on Ebay.
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    I was looking at an CustomEFI setup for mine...

    But in a year or more... lol. 1600 for the multiport setup ain't bad for a custom MPI, but not knowing what engine I am gonna stay with kinda keeps me from getting it.

    I had a buddy with the old style analog Holley and we had the devil's time of tuning it. Dunno if it had the closed loop setup on it though.

    And, is 650 CFM really enough to power Spicer's 427? (I have a vested interest in what he does with it, ya know...)

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    On a basically stock 427, a 650 will give NO hesitation and pull hard. Keep in mind the stock 427TD engines had 600 holleys that might as well of had the secondaries wired shut. So, going from 300max cfm to 650cfm should be fine. I've got another engine top in in the works that will require a few more cfm however, but I can't slap on a 900cfm now and expect it to work well. I got plans of 'tricking' it later.
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    Cool, did not know that.

    So, my stock (essentially) aftermarket 650 holley double pumper would be too much carb, were I to get a 427 and put it on there?

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    IMHO it will be plenty. There are various online calculators for CFM requirements. I did the calc for a stroked 360 w/RV cam, 4750rpm redline, came up w/a whopping like, 400cfm or something ridiculous like that. You can't have too much air for EFI though, which is what I'll be running. Carbs need a little more selectivity.

    cfms should be fine, I'd worry about whether you need a dbl pumper. Also, nobody out here can get them to run off camber really, Qjets seem to prevail (though efi is king these days here-- from stock GM setups to full bore aftermarket deals). But NJ is pretty flat. LOL
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