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    Default How many stock trucks.....

    I am in search of a M-715 to modify. I'm a bit backwards on it as I have all the mod components that I want to use.

    I have a '64 Dodge W300 rolling chassis.
    It has spring over Dana 70's front and back with4.88 gears, 6 lug wheels
    It has a NP 205 transfer case with a PTo to run a winch attached.
    I have a fresh rebuilt 413ci engine out of a '72 motor home and NP 540 5 speed (direct 5th) with a rear facing PTO is attached to the engine.
    I also have a set of 11.00-16 Michelin XL's.

    Now if anyone has a lead on a M-715 project truck that I can put all this stuff in please let me know. I am in Washington State.

    Also please advise me of any forseable issues I may have with the install of these items, or any other mods I should be thinking about.


    Jonas Smith
    Cle Elum, WA

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    Dont' use the frame. No reason to bother, since the Kaiser is plenty stout.
    The axles aren't going to offer you any real benefit there, since they're just as old. Bolt pattern might match though!
    205 rocks, keep it
    If the 413 is one of those funky poly-whatever motors, go for a 400 or even better a 440. or deal with it for now, it hauled a motorhome it will do for a 715.
    11.00/16's work too.

    someone up near seattle scored a body, but can't recall who. Maybe they'll sell to you.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    Well, I was thinking the benifit to the axles was the gearing is already set up at 4.88, the spring perches are already on top of the axle housings, and the front end is a true Dana 70 with Warn hubs. The stock front axle on the 715 is a 60, which uses the large knuckle of the Dana 70, but the smaller axle shafts of the Dana 44.
    If I had my way, Id be using unimog axle assemblies anyway!
    The 413 is basicly the "Max wedge" motor that was used in the big muscle cars of the early '60's. It was also used as the motor for single rear axle Mack trucks. It is the motor that spawned the 440, in fact almost all parts interchange between the two. After '65 the 413 was used almost excusively for 2 ton and bigger dodge truck applications.

    But I tend to go overboard in the Heavy Duty department when I build things.

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    Good enough. Is that front axle old skool closed knuckle too? Drum brakes don't work for me out here, but that would be cool to do a period restomod to it...
    The stock 60 is alright I guess. The housing is plenty big enough, but the shafts aren't anything to gloat about LOL.
    Just a reminder, has Mog axles pretty cheap straight up. Options start jacking the price prtty good, and even stock they aren't free, but if you're looking.... lot of crawlers here starting to use them.
    ahhh a real motor then... sounds good!

    take lots of pics.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    Default Yell at Barrman

    Yes, the 70 is the closed knuckle. I sure agree on the discs though, they sure would be nice. Maby Ray Suiter at Helitool will start making the kits again?
    I like the resto mod thing. I have a '49 Dodge Power Wagon with a '52 Desoto 276ci Hemi v8 in it. Not crazy HP (170) but better than the stock flathead 6 (89). Pictures of that if your interested are at
    You can see all my other junk there as well.

    Yea, I checkout Daniel's mog axles... $1500 a set sounds pretty good, but you still have the drum brakes dont you? At least theres the mechanical lockers. I think later versions with the discs are quite a bit more expensive. I like the 20" wheels on the mog axles as great michelin XL tires are available and cheap in the 20" rim size!

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    Daniel does offer up disc kits.. but they cost, like everything good LOL.. Don't forget the gearing.. if there was some kind of 2spd planetary at the hub so you could speed down the highway, that would be great... Or just a 1:1 setup if you just wanted to get the ground clearance... ahhhh, anyway.

    Rich at ProTool in PA is I guess making some more brake deals, $$$ tho. I swapped axles on mine cheaper than upgrading the stock ones. Plus no closed knuckles LOL Nice truck btw!
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    I also have a '87 GMC 1 ton Crewcab with single rear wheels. I am selling it, but it has a new TBI 350 (still under warranty), and a open knuckle dana 60 front with new power disc brakes, new power steering, front end totaly rebuilt, and the corporate 14 bolt rear end. Same axles as the cucv. The axles are 4.10 gear ratio in the GMC. I have about $5000 into the truck in parts. The body is banged up a bit and the paint really sucks. I doubt if I could get my money back out of it. I wonder if I should just strip all the parts off it and put it all in a M715 along with the power steering?.
    Will the TBI run at extreme angles like other fuel injection of diesel engines? What about altitude changes? I like to do a trip over Imogene pass this year (12,000 ft) and it seems like everyones rig runs like crap at higher elevations with straight carberation. Does the TBI solve this problem?
    I am looking at a M715 that already has the adapter on the T98 to run a smallblock GM motor. It has a 6.2 in it now, but the seller is keeping the motor. That's fine as it's 16 deg below 0 here right now, and I've never had much luck getting those GM diesels to start in the cold.
    I would like to build this into a decent driver, but still maintain a excellent level of offroadability (read Moab).


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    YES. wait, let me be clear. YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSS. The axles on the GMC are killer, much better than stock or period axles, plus, you can get new parts. The p/s won't help but you can keep the pump at least. You will need the box off an FSJ, or you can pull the whole assembly off one. It bolts in. The TBI is great on angles, and the stock computer should adjust well enough for you to enjoy altitudes. If it gets boggy (not sure what stock GM parameters are at all) there are aftermarket fixes for that.
    If you do that, I'll take the TH400 out of the GMC. In fact, I'd trade my 465 (bolt right up to your motor) with the np205, the adapters, and the pedals for it. I was going to use it in my 725 but would rather go auto or NV4500 ($$$$).

    can't go wrong w/GM parts. Available everywhere and reasonably well engineered to last.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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