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    Default stock transfer case shifters wanted

    I just talked to a guy at Chuck's Trucks in Florida and he told me that the knuckles can be swapped from side to side to put the tie rod in the front, or the rear can be completely swung around but that will change the pumpkin location if it's and uncentered/un-narrowed axle. FYI, when they center or narrow one of the REO front axles they cut around 7" out of the driver's side housing, weld it back together and use then install a passenger side axleshaft in the driver's side.
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    Spicer, I have a front rear in the rear. Turned around backwards. With the center chunk turned 180 degrees. Oh I am so confused, But it works. M1028
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    if you want to use a front for a rear steer go strait back with it i didn't turn the chunk because the gas tank wouldn't clear the drive shaft if you do like M1028 said and turn the whole axle around it will offset the shaft but the diff plates would be running in different paths

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    o you can narrow them 10'' buy flipping the hubs around but it has to be machined 250 th not a big deal cheeper than buying another short axle and probaly safer than cutting and rewelding the tube :!:
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    Hey John...maybe you can explain something to me to tell me that I'm out to lunch. Why not keep the axle full width and get deeper back spaced wheels? Doesn't that allow the tire to have a much smaller or a lot less 'swing' to it as it would be turning more on a centrally located point not way to one side?
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    yes that is what i did
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    Hey John, I got to looking at a front rockwell I have and decide that I can leave it with the tierod in the rear. I'm thinking I can fab a heavy (like 3/4"-1" thick) arm that will bolt to the top of the passenger side knuckle. That *should* clear the springs, allow a simple link for the steer box, and (as you had mentioned) keep the tie rod out of harms way. I bought some disk brake hardware that isn't supposed to work together that I'm going to see what I can do with...
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    Default NP 205 Low Range Info

    i dont think it will work i think i tried that
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    I think I got the steering under control now. I found that because of the size of the knuckle the wheel can only be offset so far so I may just flip the hubs. I saw where the interference would be between the spindle studs and the hub.
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