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Thread: wiring question from an idiot!

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    hehe. I don't know jack about wiring...yet. Electrical is not my strong suit at all, so I've got some reading to do.

    anyway, I have to rewire the 725 as it's just a mess. The question I've got is: what are the guidlines for circuits? Like, how do you determine when to start a new one? I plan on copying what's there to some extent.
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    You should have a circuit for each function that your truck has. Also remember that all circuits should be fuse protected for the proper amperage of whatever the circuit is for. Also if you wire two things in series they will divide the voltage, if in parallel they will divide the current. If you want to use two 12v headlights with your 24 volt system wire the lights in series, but remember that if when they are in series that if one goes out you lose both of them. 24 Volt sytems draw half the amperage as a 12 volt system so keep that in mind with your fuses. Hope that helped

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    it did, some... I got some books today that should help even more... lol. I can't believe it's taken this long to read up on this stuff.. Oh well. Thanks!
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    Tacoma, When I rewire a rig I will use good quality marine fuse blocks and components. Most auto stuff is fine, but some of the fuse blocks out there are junk and have alot of resistance. Go brass. I also build my electrical systems with a panel that is hot all the time for stuff like CB, interior lights, manual back up lights, chassis lights, ect... I then of course build a panel that is ignition on hot only (or ACC). Buy a very good high quality set of crimpers and wire strippers. If you are really nutso, solder each connection and heat shrink it. Be sure to buy as many different colors as you can. Makes troubleshooting really easy later if you need it. They also make little number and or letter tag kits you can label your wiring with. Document it as you go. You will hug your self later when you try to remember where that wire goes. Centec, painless and a few other companys make some pretty good kits. I believe some even have silicone insulated wires. Lasts forever and flexible in the cold. Good luck and have fun....

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    That's some good info right there. For some reason UT has a thriving boating industry, should be easy, plus, the internet! lol...
    I think I like the idea of a hot-only panel.. good idea. Thanks!
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