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    My search for a used 900 x 16 NDT for a spare did not produce any results so, I started looking for a new one. Local prices went up $58 just since October. Anyone have a source? Shipping vs. tax may make it a better deal if the price is right.
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    also in pa-
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    Wallace Wade Tires in TX. Not much of a web site, but good to deal with on the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by george walker View Post
    Thats my local guy, just up the highway. Price went up $58 from the show in Gilbert (October) to now. Same at Coker. I was hoping to find someone at the "old" price.

    Now I see why these guys buy the junk trucks and trailers at GL. One guy told me he gets more for one tire and wheel then the price of the trailers he buys. At todays price with tube and flap and tax being near $200 I understand. A lot to pay for a spare but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.
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    I just got 2 new tires for 179 ea before tax/ shipping from they are also in ohio
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    Hey Ron, have you tried Berg Tire in North Carolina? I just got a great deal on some tires from him and I think he told me he had some NDT's.

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    The guy here in ky I got my stock ndt's from had 10 more left.

    50$ each about 95% tread left still nice and soft. PM if you want his #.

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