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Thread: Hydro parking brake

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    I wasn't sure which board to put this under, so I put it under both. Not to offend anyone- just thought you might want to know.

    For any of you who are using the NP200, but the hand brake is crap- or have switched out to the 205 then this might help.

    I'm running the 205 on mine, but have stock axles. I wanted a parking brake, but didn't want to go to the trouble (or expense) that some members have by adding a disk and caliper and all that. What I did was put my stock master cylinder back on and made it a one circuit system. I then extended the main feed line into the cab and to a point right below teh steering wheel and toward the door. There's a blank area there. I got a 1/2" ball valve from Home Depto ($6.73) that said it was rated at 1200 psi. It's small at only about 3" long and about 1" wide. I then got two thread adapters from the same source to change the thread from 1/2" NPT to a 7/16" compression fitting.
    I then got 2 7/16" female to female 90* elbows so that the brake feed lines can come at the switch straight and poke through the dash. I ran both lines into the switch and screwed it to the dash and in 30 minutes I had a line-lock.

    You push the brake pedal down, switch the switch and it holds all the juice in so that all 4 wheels are locked up. It holds really well, maybe even better than the stock parking brake.

    I liked it and was pleased to finally have a parking brake for winching and such...................and for only $21 and about 2 hours total.

    Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

    Also- I'm not sure abotu the 7/16" line. You might want to take your brake line and match it up- that's what I did.


    edit: the fittings weren't comression fittings, I was mistaken. Also this type brake is illegal (in some areas) and unsafe. If you loose pressure for whatever reason then you use your brakes entirely. I would NEVER replace a parking brake with this and also would NEVER use a truck with this type brake on open roads. BEWARE!

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    hey brian any pics? does that valve hold for a long time or does it bleed off after awhile? thanks

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    That set up is not "legal" in some states as a parking brake. B.
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    Brain, Barry is correct,you have an illegal set up.The second you mentioned compression fitting, on any vehicle braking system,that made the whole thing nul and void.Compression fittings cannot take any vibration,they will leak in short order.You must change those fitting to flair fittings to be legal.PerkM715

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    Actually the non legal part I think Barry was talking about was having the hydrualic Ebrake part. The compression fitting itself is not legal, but the 'law' usually states that you have to have a mechanical brake to be used as a secondary 'emergency' braking system. In other words, no way if you spring a leak somewhere will the Ebrake fail.

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    In the good ole land of taxes , PA. State inspection laws state that the parking brake must be a mechanical link ( NO hydraulics ) and work independently of the service brakes. I'd bet that some other states have similar laws to this too. B.
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    Like I said,if brian has any compression fitting in the breaking system,at all it is not legal! PerkM715

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    So my mechanical link to a separate isolated master for the juice disk E-brake is illegal in PA? I'm screwed when my buddy dies.
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    Yup, no luck on that being legal. Of course some inspectors might not know the difference between mechanical and just a completely seperate braking system, which you do have.

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    Didn't some of the early 90's GM cars with four wheel disc brakes, like the Riviera and Cadillac, have a line lock type e-brake? They were the ones that you pushed the pedal to lock it and then pushed it again to unlock. I will look it up on Mitchell later today.

    I looked it up and I was wrong. They had cables just like everything else.
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