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Thread: Biggest Tires Stock Axles V8

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    Default Biggest Tires Stock Axles V8

    I need your help. What is the Biggest and widest tire you can safely run on stock axles with lockers and a big block v8.
    68 M-715 460 Ford

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    How hard are you gonna push on the gas pedal?

    Baby the heck out of it and huge tires can work...tromp the gas on a super torquer and you can snap one in a minute...

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    That applies to anything though, really. As I've said before, I've seen guys all my life running 38's to 44's on bone stock half ton Chevy's and drive the hell out of them. Sometimes they're fine, sometimes they aren't. And I've seen guys run 38's gently on well built 1 ton chassis and always be broke.

    My opinion(and that's all it is) is I wouldn't run anything larger than a 36 hard. If all you're going to do is cruise town, play in snow and maybe drive the occasional field for hunting or pulling a hay wagon or something, run whatever you want.

    We are Dyslexia of Grob. Futility is resistant. Your ass will be laminated...

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    I really dont have a heavy foot. But when it gets thic i will use. As for a street truck no. The 715 will be for the trail mainly. the only pavement it will see is on its way to the trail.
    68 M-715 460 Ford

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    I have 11.00R16 XL's with stock axles 4:56gears and detroits F&R with a warm 454and auto trans and no problem yet(knocking on wood as I type this) I use it mostly to haul stuff and medium 4wheeling, as a truck is a little big for the trails around here for the most part. I do have a complete spare set of axles just in case!

    I do believe that the auto trans reduces shock load to the drivetrain and the lockers allow me to use a lighter foot when the going gets rough YMMV

    Good Luck!
    68 M715 Modified

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    We plan on running 40's on stock tubes and sticks...
    Dont know how far we are going to run though yet.
    Still working on the 4 link set up.

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    Has anyone had heavy duty drive shafts built? I am putting in a built up 440 with almost 500 ft lbs and am just waiting to snap a drive shaft. Does someone make a heavy duty shaft for the m715 or do I just take mine in and have heavy duty duplicates made? Also, will a NP 200 handle 400 hp, or am I going to need to upgrade that also?

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    The tcase can take the power as long as the rpms stay under 3000 rpm sustained...more like 2800 or less.

    Better axles have been looked at...our long side is longer than the blanks unless you want to go very high dollar...our spline count ad diameter are unusual.

    People have mentioned cryo treating them but I dont know that anyone did it...

    The only solution, beides an axle swap, I have seen so far is:

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    I had a 350 to begin with, but it and the tranny were on last leg. I found a big block for reasonable price so I ran with it.


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    I have seen members running 39.5 inch tires on stock axles, up to 15 inches wide, with lockers in both axles, with the front end sprungover.

    One was easy on the gas and never broke a shaft. The other was into slamming down the go pedal and broke several shafts...then went to rockwells...

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