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Thread: core support body bushing ??

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    Default core support body bushing ??

    my truck had no body bushings in under the core support, and the pics i have seen from the manuals don't show them.

    can anyone provide a picture of their core support bushings and how they are installed in the truck. i am trying to mock up a radiator and i am fairly sure i will be needing to cut the stock mounting ears off the core support, so i want to have it mocked in at the correct height to make my new mounts if neccesary

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    IIRC, all I had under mine were two or three 1/8" thick X 3" long strips stacked and placed between the support and frame. It looked alot like sidewall material from a tire.
    Looks like my new truck's have rotted away or I'd take a pic of it.

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    You could dig out those old Ho Chi Men sandals and cut the necessary strips!
    Guaranteed to out last the truck.

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    I just pulled the core from the frame of my parts 715. I had two 3" or so long by about 1.5" wide x 1/4" thick rubber pads under each core support bracket. They look to be made from a conveyor belt type reinforced rubber. They where weld together with two small staples
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    Just a little square of fabric reinforced material under the core support about a 1/4" thick. There is also a spring on top as well under a shouldered bolt.
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    i ended up making mine out of a spring bushing. i forgot to take pics last night but i should have some today

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