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Thread: Aftermarket Wiring Harness - Painless Type

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    Default Aftermarket Wiring Harness - Painless Type

    Looking to buy an aftermarket wiring harness for the M715. It is all 12 volt now with the 230. Painless ones seem pricey. I have seen a few aftermarket ones on Ebay that are around $200 or less which isn't bad.
    Anyone recommed one? I know I need one for a pickup truck due to the length of the rear/bed. What have you used?

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    I ordered one from Hotrodwires. It was reasonable and very nice. Go to their website and look around. It was long enough for a truck.

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    I have used this one in 3 vehicles now, one hot rod, one pickup truck and currently doing one in my M715:
    1967 M715 w/ 454 and TH400

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    I just finished the new wiring on my truck a few weeks ago and used the EZ wiring brand that I purchased on Ebay. The wiring harness is great and uses thick wires but the instructions or lack there of is total junk. most of the schematics don't exist like for the under dash wiring and the way the electric cooling fan should be hooked up, the horn switch is not shown, the way the AC/heater motor is supposed to be hooked up.......... anyway, you get what you pay for and I would never ever buy that crap again. They have a tech line but it is only open from like 9:00 to 3:00 eastern time and they wont send you a schematic via Email because they dont seem to have one for some reason. I emailed them asking for a schematic and they said that they did not have one but I could call them and ask questions. I wrote them that I did not have the time to call them at their convenience and they said we will call you. so I set up a time and they never called. I ended up spending a bunch of time following wires and using my meter to figure it out. Since I just went through this myself, I could help if you needed. I have some of my own notes on the harness now and have figured out how to use the original headlight switch and an aftermarket turn signal switch. Good luck

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    My truck's wiring is totally scabbed together and yet, everything works. I think it would be more rewarding to build your own harness. This would be a great advantage in the future if you ever want to add components or need to trouble shoot. You will be intimately familiar with it. If I ever get artound to gutting mine and redoing it properly, I'll keep a detailed log and post up. right now, I'm just continuing to scab stuff on.

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    My shop sells Painless, Francis, Centech harnesses. They all work and offer different options. I am custom-making the harness for my 715 instead of buying a fairly pricey kit that would be cut up and modified.
    I am using aviation-grade circuit breakers instead of fuses and marine-grade plugs, terminals, switches, etc. I have been making and installing these harnesses for more than 20 years now without any problems or complaints. They do require lots of time and design layout, and sometimes the end result cost as much or more than the initial cost of a "kit".
    '67 M715 '42 GPW '45 MB

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    I have used Painless for a couple of other chevy TBI conversions I have done and they have good instructions and tech help. When I rewire my M-715 I will probably build my own harness from scratch. The trick is to make your own wiring diagram as you go so if you have to do any trouble shooting you won't be relying on memory.

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