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Thread: Door Stars

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    Default Door Stars

    Ready to put the remaining decals on but I don't have a good point of reference for the door stars. Mine had small stars painted on but they were crude and high on the door. I looked for pictures and see BIG and small stars both centered and high. Any stock or replacement pictures out there?

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    Beast sells the decals and has the correct ones on his truck...check his site out:

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    I ordered my decals from here and used the pictures as a reference.
    I was pleased with results.

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    I found a pic of an unrestored truck that was listed on e-bay last year, and did a little measuring from the body lines and door seams, then determined the dimensions of the stars. I painted mine on after laying them out the old fashioned way:

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    Default Thanks

    I should have checked beasts site. Thats where I got my decals but never thought to go back there and take a look. Another senior moment!

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    Randy Cycle, What tires are you running? size and model?

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    Default door and hood stars

    My truck is in original paint and markings yet. The door stars are 15 3/4 inches from tips to tips, and the stars are centered on the doors. They are placed exactly two inches from above the top of the lower door bend. That places the top horizontal of the star 5/8 inch below the bend in the upper part of the door.

    The hood star is 20 inches tips to tips, and faces the driver, centered on the hood from side to side. It is placed 13 inches from the end of the windshield hold down footman loop to the 'crotch' of the star.

    BTW, these are painted on. Any ???, feel free to ask.

    Stevens Point, Wisconsin

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    Default Good Info

    Good to know. Thanks for the report fishtail!

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    Default More to it...........

    Of course with the Military involved, all things can change. In Military Vehicles number 49. rear inside cover, the star appears to be alot higher on that truck than mine. The top horizontal is above the upper seams, and the lower tips are like 3 or 4 inches above the lower seam. The dimentions of the star appear to be the same, though.


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    Default Decals On

    A bit of delay as I ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery, and that just seems to ruin your day! I hope to get back at assembly soon.

    Using all the help here on the "Zone", and measurements from other trucks, the decals were applied today;

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