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Thread: What about these tires?

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    Default What about these tires?

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    Probably, depends on what your doing, mud bogging, rock crawling, or daily driving with some offroad. I won't buy any tire with a solid raised tread down the center with no breaks, they are TERRIBLE on icy pavement. Ask me how I know...
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    Might be a little better but the tread is still uniped and looks like it rides pretty flat on the a slick...

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    The stock tires slide everytime I hit the brakes and break loose in the gravel drive with no just a little throttle.

    Oh well, just keep looking for alternatives but I am sure that road has been travelled many times before me.

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    I spent 3 years looking for XZL's. I started out hating my NDT's. Same reasons as listed above: about 1/2 inch of contact per tire on the street, bad on dry pavement, worse in mud and down right dangerous on wet pavement.

    Then I went to the '05 Texas FE at Gilmer. Drove 250 miles there, aired down to 15 psi, climbed everything in site without slipping, went through mud and rocks with ease. The ride was great on dirt too.

    I aired them up to 20 for the 250 mile drive home and they handled much better on the street.

    My point is this: A good newer set of fresh 9.00-16 NDT tires aren't all that bad if you play with the air psi. Actually, for what the truck was designed to do. Carry 1-1/4 ton of cargo cross country up to 30 mph. They are great. Granted, the XL and XZL tires are better, but not by as much as you might think in the dirt empty.
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    I know this might be "polishing a t*rd", but has anyone tried siping the NDTs?

    Might help with the wet traction.

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    How about these (for a 20 inch rim) -

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    41 inches ! Nice find.

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    Yes a nine find indeed!

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    Those are Euopean tires....they are marginally better than nodirects. A good pair of Wranglers XT (? basically the Hmmwv tire) will work good on your truck for all around multi road conditions
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