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Thread: Mike's Restoration Thread, "The List", Current Progress...

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    Default Mike's Restoration Thread, "The List", Current Progress...

    Current State: In the driveway.

    I spent some time going over the truck and now have an idea of what I need/want to do with it.....

    The List

    1. Switch Title to Texas and Register as Former Military Vehicle.
    2. Fix right rear hub seal.
    3. Fix Fuel Gauge and check Fuel Pressure Gauge.
    4. Replace Tachometer.
    5. Replace Transfer Case Seals and paint.
    6. Recondition Transmission Seals and paint.
    7. Recondition Ranger Overdrive Transmission and paint.
    8. Clean and paint Drive Shafts.
    9. Clean and paint underside and frame (possibly Rhino-line).
    10. New Canvas Top
    11. New Seats.
    12. Rhino-line & Paint Cab floor.
    13. Rework all the miscellaneous switches (this deserves a sublist)
    a. Light Bar. 24v
    b. Lower Drive Lights. 12v
    c. Fog Lights. 12v
    d. Back-Up Floods. 12v
    e. Headlights. 12v
    f. Overhead Cab Interior Light
    14. Tires and possibly wheels as well.
    15. Adjust Parking Brake.
    16. Replace Headers and Exhaust.
    17. Straighten Fenders.
    18. Rhino-line and paint Wheel Wells.
    19. Paint bumpers (likely black).
    20. Add new fuel cans, prospecter tools, and associated straps.
    21. Paint Bed (Interior).
    22. Paint Exterior. (OD Green, USMC standard markings)
    23. Paint Cargo Railings (black)
    24. Adjust PTO and Winch levers.
    25. Replace missing shift nobs on PTO and Winch levers.
    26. Replace valve cover gaskets.
    27. Replace oil pan gasket.

    And some possible further work that I have yet to decide....

    1. Overhaul AMC 360 completely OR convert to modern diesel power plant.
    2. Rework entire electrical wiring system from scratch.

    I'll periodically update this thread with pictures and progress.

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    Bah, just figured out the indent thing when the time limit to edit expired...

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    Have the fender mender just about complete. I'll be done with it in a couple of weeks. Need it?


    I have has a piece of flat bar (3/8"X8"X7') rolled to fit inside the fenderwell. I'm putting support (11 ga. sheet and some tubing) inside it next week. All you will have to do is pull the wheel, set the mender inside the wheelwell and jack it into place. No jacks provided. I also have a cover that can go outside (on top of the fender) that is clamped into place as needed.

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    That might come in handy. When your done, let me know and we'll work out the details.

    I was thinking about making a pair of 4x4 blocks with the proper contour, adding 3'-4' handles and some heavy duty clamps. Yours sounds like it might work better though.

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    "check Fuel Pressure Gauge." "Replace Tachometer"

    Where these gauges added to your truck. A stock M715 has 5 gauges. Speedometer, Oil Pressure, Fuel Level, Engine Temp., and Voltage gauge. Do you have two extra gauges or have you just miss identified two of the stock ones? Not picking on you just wondering. the truck converted to 12V or is it still 24 and you want to change it to 12v? If going to or already is 12V why would you want to make the light bar 24v? I'm not following your thinking. It sounds like you might be better changing #13 to your #2 future work.
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    I have two gauge clusters and two electrical systems with seperate alternators and batteries.

    The 12v system runs the ignition, headlights, drive lights, fog lights, left gauge cluster, fuel pump, and parking lighting.

    The 24v system runs the right cluster, Top light bar, back-up floods, large trailer hook-up, indicator lighting (signals and brakes). At one time, there was a second fuel tank which is why you see two fuel gauges. The filler tube remains, but the tank had developed a leak some years ago and was removed.

    Most of this was done when the 360 was swapped in and it was likely easier to add the 12v stuff as needed than to completely rewire the whole truck.

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    Looks like an airplane cockpit in there!

    Neat though, never seen anything done that way, but should keep thing interesting for a while.

    Oh and your list looks wayyyyy too short....Mine started like that and a year and a half later I am still adding things to it.
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    haha. Well I did consider adding a few more items to the list today....possibly a new steering column for instance. Funny you should say that, my boss who is a former Air Force pilot said it reminded him of the T-38 cockpit.

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    A bank of about 15 toggle switches overhead would kinda' round out the package!
    "Free advice is worth what you pay for it."™

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