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Need a little info to understand this fully....

Did you post pics in an old thread that you want to update now or you stored an old thread that the pics dont show up in and want to know how to get them to show up now?

If it is a post you originally put up and the pic links on the site are not working now, then you can go back and edit the posts involved and change the image links to a new location or even upload the pics into our site program and then they will appear.

If it is an old post of someone elses that you archived and are looking for the pic links to work again, its not a good outlook...the problem is there used to be free image hosting services around the net and many people were using them....them the image hosts got to the point that they needed to start charging for the storage space and the rates were pretty steep...most people didnt pay the rates and the images linked from those locations went bye-bye. The only way to get them back is to contact each member who originally posted the images and see if they are willing to edit their posts and re-link the photos from a new source or upload to our server. If members were unwilling to do that but would send me the images, slowly but surely I would try to get them added into the server and relinked for them.

If I didnt answer your specific question, please clarify and I will respond when I see it.
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