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I am happy to report that I was able to take my truck for a short test drive this evening. It fires up very quickly now. It has always driven pretty good on the road but it did pull strongly up a nearby hill in 4th gear.

I am happy that I will not have to screw around with points and condensers in the future.

Turns out my starting problem was due to a loose connection at the on/off switch.

I looked at my distributor and there was no felt. None on the spare engine I had either. It wasn't until I checked the M725 that I found the elusive little devil! I still had one truck left to search if need be.

Here's what the little bugger looks like.

I soaked it in oil and reinstalled into the shaft under the rotor. Thanks Militarypotts. Before I did so I doubled checked that there was no play in the shaft which could cause problems later.
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