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Originally Posted by farmer View Post
His experience is very similar to mine, right down to running out of fuel!

I spent some time studying the points Friday, they haven't been contacting squarely but the looks of it, but the spring tension seems plenty. I replaced the components a year or 2 ago, and the new spring is riveted to the point arm.

I checked out the spare distributor in the motor I just bought, older style spring and arm, very loose tension, which give me some hope for that motor if needed.

I installed the pertronix Friday night and test started it, ran great until it ran out of gas. I plan on pulling the tank, so I didn't refill it. Saturday I got the boat fuel tank out of one of my project trucks, and threw it on the M715, which should help rule out a fueling concern I had as well. Disconnected the vacuum advance, and set the timing to 5* reconnected the vacuum advance and tuned the carb to be happy. Sounds pretty good, I just haven't had a chance to road test. I've been doing my research on vacuum advance being hooked to manifold vacuum and believe I have it set correctly for that, so I'll try it. If not, then I'll disconnect the vacuum advance and try without.
I tried mine without, and it didn't like it very much: it would stumble when I stepped on the throttle. VA hooked up eliminated that.
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