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Nomad June 5th, 2020 06:16 AM

Tube selection for 9.00r16 on stock rims.
Good morning guys. I have procured tires and found a place that will mount them. Been doing some research on tubes this morning. Found this one that looks like it will work. Can someone look over this and chime in if this would be a good choice or not? With flaps, can you reuse the old flaps or is that unheard of?




kwai June 5th, 2020 01:15 PM

That will work. The radial tubes are thicker than bias ply tubes. And radial tubes will work in bias ply tires, but bias ply tubes will not work in radial tires (too thin and can't handle the heat).

The bigger difference is in the valve stems.

The TR75A works best. The TR440 series valve stems will work as well. The TR75A series includes a brass washer at the base of the valve stem to keep the tube from protruding through the valve stem slot. The Tr440 series doesn't have this washer.

Found this for a tube with the TR75A valve stem:

Nomad June 5th, 2020 03:00 PM

Thanks for the reply kwai. Yeah, I wanted the tr75a but couldn't find anything that was radial. The ones you listed didn't state bias or radial, but after searching the brand and model I found that it was bias.

m38inmaine June 5th, 2020 03:13 PM

I bought my new tubes from VPW, good price and an exact match to the originals I took out.

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