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2005 Iowa Regional FE

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We had this event at MIOBI, Iowa...a large site that used to be a strip mine...now it is a very nice wheeling area!!
Here is a brief primer to help identify whose truck is whose on this page:

Dave from Kansas, username dave, 6X6 and M725

Rich from Nebraska, username compexp, M725 (brute4c riding shotgun...thanks RICH!!)

Doug from Iowa, username JeepistDoug/Ia with his 30 inch shortened version

Dougs wife Jill had a "little Jeep"

Mike from Iowa had his yellow M715 running good on 38's

Todd from Iowa, username WetCJ, had the orange truck with the wide tires

Joe from Iowa, username Joe/IA had his 454 powered truck with 38's on it and showed everyone what driving skill is!!

Joe's wifes Rubicon Jeep

Another member, mokaiser, aka Steve, arrived from Missouri driving this nice rig...wheeled it well too!

Thats the cast...heres the rest!!

JeepistDoug/IA spent a fair amount of time during the event working on his truck and putting new 39.5 inch tires on modified Hummer rims on his truck...sometimes we helped him out. You will notice in one pic where the extension broke and gave him a bit of a wound. There are pics of his truck showing the old tire size on one side and the new size on the other and then a front shot to compare.

Lets hit the trails!! In no particular order...here we go:


Doug and his wife Jill decided to see which one could get stuck worse in the deepest mudhole available...then their sons decided to see what it was like to get stuck in it too...eventually everyone was pulled out with one sort of strap or another!! Dougs youngest even helped his Daddy clean up a bit... :)

Some group shots:


Meanwhile, back at camp.....

Rich swapped his rear driveshaft from the passenger side output on the tcase to the drivers side one...to get rid of the whine the stock NP 200 has. He used the pictured piece bolted to his e-brake drum and a standard, for the M715, ujoint #369.   

Heres some pictures from around the camp area:

Dave was very generous with his duece...he gave my son Raymond a ride around in it and put a major smile on Raymonds face. Later, a bunch of us convoyed over about 60 miles to Vintage Power Wagons to buy parts and check their inventory. Dave gave Raymond and I a ride over in the deuce...and then just for good measure, he let ME drive it all the way back!!  He even let me ride in AND DRIVE that nice M725 of his!! THANKS DAVE!!!!

Then it happened...

Doug, under the guise of raising money for the club, scalped Raymond and myself. Well, Raymond really wanted to get rid of his hair...and I was doing it for the club..notice how my daughter helps Doug to get every last hair. Dave then volunteered to get scalped too!!