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The 2004 M715 Zone National Field Exercise was held at Land Between the Lakes, KY in mid June. The following are some pics and video clips from the event.

brute4c's pics:

First the trucks:

mtlbeasts truck:

spicergears truck:

JeepistDoug/IA and his shortened rig:

Group shots of the trucks:

Working the trucks on the trails!!

A view of some of the terrain:

Joe/IA gettin muddy!

Here are a couple videos of Joe/IA, aka "Speedo Joe" working his truck in the mud...pushing a good size wake on exit. Mpeg file, 4.5 meg.

Joe/IA going through the muck of Land between the Lakes, seemingly effortlessly even with a tire a couple feet up in the air on the exit. This is approx. 3.7 Meg in size and it is a Windows media file.

Heres Joe pushing more than a wake in the long pit....musta moved about half of the pit out....I think Doug said it was still running around 15-20 minutes later...about 1.3 Meg, Windows media file.

Doug and Jill in the shorty M715 in some fun stuff....front locker will help!!  2.2 Meg, Windows media file.

And finally, THE PEOPLE!!! These are some of the folks that were there and made it a very special event!!

Tim Barr...aka Barrman:
Bob Bump, aka bump_r &
his funny "teef":
Lee, aka mcinfantry on the
right cooking supper
Josh, Lee's friend on the left
Mrs. brute4c in the center
taking pointers
Joe/Ia on the left
His wife on the right
WetCJ in the middle
DP, aka KAISER715 on the right
Alan, aka NE715 on the left
DP is being given a plaque showing
he was the 4th member ever to join
the M715 Zone.
Alan is the Zones 1st ever member!
Will, aka Redneck1 on the left
Bob Bump, aka bump_r on the right
Barrman, left & spicergear, right:
Brian Sisson...a scary pic:
Al, aka kaiserjeeps on the left
Brian in the center
Colton, Barrmans son on the right
Brian was awarded this inflatable
sheep...well...it's a long story...
Another sheep pic:
spicergear, grey shirt, wrestling
Brian, red shirt. Spicerear prevailed,
see video below.

Here is a 5 meg video of spicergear with Brian in a headlock at the end of the wrestling match:

Lee's pics (Mcinfantry):

Truck shots:

mtlbeasts truck first, then Brian_Sisson's,  bojuanajohnny's and then Mcinfantry's

Action Shots:

Brain_Sisson and BBM715 heading up the trail in a tight spot...

A shot of Brian_Sisson's truck decorated in pink attire...


mtlbeast got into a hole and removed the drivers front tire from the rim...he was stuck pretty good...this video is him trying to get out on his own.
It is about 5.5 meg in size:

When that failed, bojuanajohnny gave a him hand with a strap.
NOTE that this video is close to 21 meg in size.

Josh's pics:

Mcinfantry's truck:

bojuanajohnny's truck with mtlbeast folowing in first pic and Mcinfantry following in the 2nd:

spicergear's truck

mtlbeast's truck...including "the stuck"

Brian_Sisson's truck

When push comes to shove...
BBM715 on the right, Brian_Sisson on the left...looks like Brian has all 4 rolling but BBM715 only has the rears going. I wonder who won???

You figure it out... :)


bojuanajohnny on the trail...with a bit of mud:
File is 3.7 meg approx.

Mcinfantry in the same spot on the trail, better view of the muddiness:
File is approx 3.7 meg

mtlbeast stuck from the reverse side during the pull by bojuanajohnny:
File is approx. 3.5 meg.