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2000 National FE Pics

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Lee's Pics

  The Line-up shots:

The Trail shots:
First Rusty...

Then Pam...

Dave's M715 with a very nice Army Mule in the back, fits nice eh? (These are the before pics)

Dave had a little mishap on the trail that did a bit of damage to the drivers side of the truck and tore the drivers rear leaf spring supports off the frame. Then he had a little trouble getting it on his trailer. It kinda fell off the side somewhat and had to be jacked up and winched back on. Many thanks to Alan (komual), Lee (beafire), and Rusty, and everyone else who was there for that matter, for their winching skill, getting this truck down and out of the woods and getting it set right on the trailer. These guys know there stuff!!!

Alan and Pam (NE715 and cookiebaker) with their truck. In the second shot you can see Alan and Pam sitting with Dave and brute4c standing to the right.

Rustys truck...This truck went everywhere and was very impressive, especially since it has no springover and a pretty stock drivetrain. It does have lockers in both axles and 38 inch tires which made for an unbeatable climbing combo. The fourth picture shows his power steering pump, which is mounted on a plate just behind the radiator, backwards...worked like a charm.

And finally, the man who took almost all of these pictures (thank you very much!!), Lee (beafire), and his daily driver. Note the odometer reading in the 2nd pic!!