M715 Zone
2000 National FE
Land Between the Lakes, KY

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The 2nd ever M715 Zone National Field Exercise was held at Land Between the Lakes, KY in August of 2000. Here are some pics of the fun that were sent in by Pam(cookiebaker) and Alan(NE715) Bennett:
(NOTE: These pics are full size)

Chad's truck with trail doors, springover and Corvette 350 FI engine

TmanII's truck with springover, 350 with Holley Pro-jection

Drew, aka Mud'og....when Drew arrived, his truck wasnt quite ready for the trails.....a little welding and wrench time and away it went.....460 with over 500 horses, springover, on board air, lots of other stuff....I was honored to ride with Drew on the trails.....last pic shows me "after a hard day at the office"!!

Whoopiewagon, who lives nearby, was there with a 258 Jeep motor and 11.00-16 tires.....and he played pretty hard too!!

Mozarkid showed any doubters that M725's go muddin just like the M715's do!!

Woody came from Oklahoma with an M715 on a Ford chassis with a 460 in there.

This Scout was in one of the TTC contests prior to our 2000 FE. The owner's name was Dan. Yep, them are 44 inch boggers!! Sweet non M7xx rig!

Cutworm, who attended the first FE and help greatly to the 2nd, was unable to attend....but he did receive the Hard Luck Trophy anyway. Pam, cookiebaker,and Alan, NE715, stopped on their way home and gave him his trophy.

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