• How to do an LS conversion the easy way

      • Standard SBC Manual Bellhousing
      • LS3/LS7 Pilot Bearing to compensate for the LS1 crank offset - Part#: 12557583
      • 12" Clutch Kit, 10-spline, 1 1/8" input shaft, w/ throwout - Part#: LUK 04-064
      • Standard LS flywheel - Part#: Sachs NFW 1050
      • GM SM465 Manual 4-speed Transmission
      • GM NP205 Passenger Drop Married Transfer Case
      • Novak Engine Mounts - Part#: MMX-WG3
      • Vintage Wiring of Maine stock reproduction body harness - Part#: VINT000873
      • Swapped out early model analog turn signal box for late model solid state.
      • Military Vehicle 24V turn signal control - Part#: 11613632-3
      • Harness & Flasher - Part#: 11613631
      • Standard Warner 12v bulbs.
      • Holly TerminatorX ECU & engine harness - Part#: HLY-550-929
      • Drive by Wire GM Gas Pedal

      NOTE: Box Swap Required for 12V turn signals.

      This is the combination I have in my truck. Its a no brainer. Choosing the SM465/NP205 & TerminatorX makes it easy. This conversion includes a complete 24V - 12V switch. Just change out the 24V bulbs for 12V or LED.

      For More information on my truck: Toms-M715.com

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