• How to install a Borgeson Steering Shaft onto the stock column

      shaft - 450024 - telescoping shaft, 21-27 inch, 3/4" DD & 1" DD
      box u-joint - 014940 - 3/4" DD & 13/16" x 36 spline
      column u-joint - 014952 - 1" DD & 3/4" DD

      The column shaft would have to be ground to 3/4" DD.

      Post Explaining Installation
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      1. Eric Thompson's Avatar
        Eric Thompson -
        I do not have sufficient privileges to see this. What do I have to do?
      1. brute4c's Avatar
        brute4c -
        hopefully nothing but wait...I am not finding what is preventing you but its something we need to change not something that you can do or are being denied on purpose...somewhere there is a setting that needs to be changed...
      1. MightyMike's Avatar
        MightyMike -
        I was also unable to view the article.
      1. teking's Avatar
        teking -
        Can you guys get to it by cut and pasting the url in your browser?

      1. MightyMike's Avatar
        MightyMike -
        Yep - thank you!
      1. brute4c's Avatar
        brute4c -
        Great...at least we have a work around for now till we find the better way to fix this...thanks teking!
      1. teking's Avatar
        teking -
        This is clearly some kind of permissions issue in the Articles area.

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